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Simple 5-Step Family Bible Study Method

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Parents often tell me they don’t engage their kids in faith-building conversations or Bible study because they don’t know where to start. Many say they have a hard enough time finding a few moments to read the Bible themselves, let alone teach their kids about God. Can you relate? There’s no denying in this day… Read more

10 Back to School Bible Verses (with Printable!)

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Families have been navigating new normals for months in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and this is the second time we’ll be heading “back-to-school” in unfamiliar and unprecedented ways. Starting a new school year often comes with uncertainty and anxiety for kids and parents but this year even more so. No matter the circumstances… Read more

7 Ways to Include Faith-Building In Your Summer Routine

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Faith-building doesn’t have to go by the wayside during those carefree summer months. In fact, summer offers amazing opportunities to grow our families in faith. It just takes a little creativity and a bit of intention! If you are looking to connect your kids to God this season, try these seven simple ways to include… Read more

Simple Summer Bible Reading Plan for Kids

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During the school year, when pencils and notebooks are new, I always have great intentions to do a Bible study with my kids. I collect books, journals, and activities to do, but by mid-September we’ve already run out of steam! Soccer, ballet, homework, and All The Things seem to get in our way. The past… Read more

3 Ideas for Fun, Faith-Filled Family Nights

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Movie Night is always a hit in our house. Giant Nacho Night is also a favorite. Try-a-New-Game Night is good, too. But wouldn’t it be fun to make your weekly family night focus on God’s Word while still having a blast with your family? Here are 3 super fun family nights that will also get… Read more

How to Start a Family Passover Meal Tradition

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As parents, we have the incredible privilege and opportunity to guide the hearts of our children as they navigate their journey of faith. When we look at our role as such, it allows us to embrace faith-based holidays and liturgy with joy and anticipation. With a little planning and lots of prayer, we can help… Read more

Easter Resources for Kids and Families

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Celebrate Easter with Minno Get access to 90 minutes of Easter content to help your kids understand the love and sacrifice of Jesus, plus off-screen resources to walk your family through Holy Week with meaningful activities! Check out this special Raising Boys and Girls podcast episode on how to talk to your kids about Easter… Read more