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Discover Simple Ways Your Family Can Care for Creation

Earth - The Blue Marble

One of my favorite sounds is the song of birds chirping outside my window. Their tune reminds me of sunshine, green growth, and new life . . . the hope of Spring! Each season brings beautiful reminders of God’s creation but there’s just something about Spring that turns my attention toward the incredible world God… Read more

10 Christ-Centered Christmas Books for Kids

Christmas Day - Santa Claus

“Mommy, tonight is my turn to pick the book, right?” he says. “Yes, it is Shane, and I’m so excited to see what you picked for us to read tonight.” As my son runs to his room, our family gathers together in the living room by the fireplace with warm blankets and hot chocolate. Shane… Read more

New Show Just Added to Minno: Making Stuff

Creator deity - Minno

At Minno, we believe that God is the divine Creator of all things. He spoke the earth and everything in it into being and has since blessed human beings, created in His image, with creativity and innovation to make all kinds of things that make life easier, bring enjoyment, and provide lots of fun! Isn’t… Read more

Back-to-School Prayers for Teachers, Students, and Parents

Parenting - Family

Prayer is the only thing that is going to get us through this challenging season of uncertainty, disappointment, and fear. So as your kids head back-to-school—whatever that may look like for you—we invite you to pray these prayers with us—believe God to bring peace and provision for your family, teachers, and community. Back-to-School Prayers for… Read more

Return to Learn this School Year with Minno

Mask - 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic

Back-to-school is usually an exciting time around here at Minno. We connect with many families who are looking to start the year off with God at the center of their plans. But we understand that “back-to-school” in the time of Coronavirus looks different for every family and very different than anything we’ve experienced before. We… Read more