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Simple 5-Step Family Bible Study Method

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Parents often tell me they don’t engage their kids in faith-building conversations or Bible study because they don’t know where to start. Many say they have a hard enough time finding a few moments to read the Bible themselves, let alone teach their kids about God. Can you relate? There’s no denying in this day… Read more

10 Ideas for Celebrating Grandparents Day

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Marian McQuade, a West Virginia mother of 15, first began her campaign for a new holiday, National Grandparents Day, in 1970. Three years later, her home state celebrated the first Grandparents Day in the nation. And in 1978 it became an official holiday after being signed into law by President Jimmy Carter.  According to the… Read more

How to Reset Your Family Rhythm After Summer

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As the carefree days of summer wind down, our family looks forward to creating a new family rhythm. It’s a tradition of sorts. One that consists of setting new schedules and boundaries as the children grow and mature. A chance to have some “do-overs” and make new memories. During this annual reset, God always gives… Read more

Raising Boys and Girls Podcast: S4, E39 A Message of Hope for Parents in the Trenches

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Weary parents, take a much deserved break and listen in! Daystar founder and Raising Boys and Girls leader, Melissa Trevathan, wraps up season 4 with a message of hope for parents in the trenches. If you haven’t yet, listen to the podcast here: SUBSCRIBE to the podcast so you never miss an episode! . . …. Read more

Back to School Routines that Serve the Whole Family

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Confession: I’ve got the back-to-school blues.  With the big day looming in the not-so-distant future, all I can think is:  “Summer’s over already?”  And yeah, I’m feeling all the feels with my little one starting kindergarten. I’ll miss heading out on adventures with him and his older brother. But also? I’m dreading the alarm clock. … Read more