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Discover Simple Ways Your Family Can Care for Creation

Earth - The Blue Marble

One of my favorite sounds is the song of birds chirping outside my window. Their tune reminds me of sunshine, green growth, and new life . . . the hope of Spring! Each season brings beautiful reminders of God’s creation but there’s just something about Spring that turns my attention toward the incredible world God… Read more

Interview with Fred Vassallo, Bethel Music Kids Choreographer

Minno - Family

Minno’s Jessica Wolstenholm sat down with Fred Vasallo, choreographer for Bethel Music Kids. They discussed faith, dancing as mission, and parenting in an entertainment-saturated world. Check out Fred’s work on Minno.  Jessica: Well, so good to have you with us and so good to have your amazing content on Minno. So Fred, why don’t you… Read more

New Preschool Show on Minno: Pins and Nettie

Minno - Fiction

Two sweet and shy hedgehog friends learning how to navigate their great, big world together? Tell me more! At Minno, we are always looking for new content that helps preschoolers understand their feelings and how they fit into the world around them. Our newest show, Pins and Nettie guides young viewers on first-time adventures that… Read more

Jungle Beat: Five Minute Family Devotional Plan

Minno - Family

Welcome to the Jungle Beat 5 Minute Family Devotional! We’re joining our favorite animal friends on a 10-day journey to learn all about putting God first, trusting Him, doing our best, and more! Teach kids to connect everyday stories to Bible truths in this 10-day family devotional plan featuring animal antics from the popular show,… Read more

New on Minno: Cocoa Talk

Minno - Chat show

An overexcited cup of cocoa talks so much about his guests he never has time to actually interview them?! Well, that sounds fun! At Minno, we are always looking to develop new content that provides fun and meaningful screen time for your kids and family. Cocoa Talk is our newest original series of shorts with… Read more