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New Preschool Show on Minno: Pins and Nettie

Minno - Fiction

Two sweet and shy hedgehog friends learning how to navigate their great, big world together? Tell me more! At Minno, we are always looking for new content that helps preschoolers understand their feelings and how they fit into the world around them. Our newest show, Pins and Nettie guides young viewers on first-time adventures that… Read more

New on Minno: Cocoa Talk

Minno - Chat show

An overexcited cup of cocoa talks so much about his guests he never has time to actually interview them?! Well, that sounds fun! At Minno, we are always looking to develop new content that provides fun and meaningful screen time for your kids and family. Cocoa Talk is our newest original series of shorts with… Read more

New on Minno: Bethel Music Kids Christmas Party

Bethel Music Kids - Bethel Music Kids Christmas Party

Celebrate the birth of Jesus with Bethel Music Kids! Follow along this beautiful reading and reenactment of the Christmas story from Luke and Isaiah then worship with the team as they sing uplifting arrangements of your favorite Christmas songs! Bethel Music Kids: Christmas Party Series Details Recommended Age: Any Song Length: 3-5 Minutes Format: Live-Action/Lyrics Video… Read more

New Worship Music on Minno: Bethel Kids Come Alive

Bethel Music Kids - Come Alive

Worship is a powerful way to connect a child’s heart to God because music is something they understand and are generally interested in. These days, worship music often sounds a lot like other popular forms of music, making it more accessible for young listeners. At Minno, we are always on the lookout for fun, kid-friendly… Read more

New Show Just Added to Minno: The Adventures of Napkin Man

Minno - Human behavior

Research has shown that social-emotional learning is the foundation on which kids build many other life skills. Children who learn to identify and manage their emotions do better in school and have fewer behavioral issues as they grow. At Minno, we want to provide fun and safe content for kids that supports growth in every… Read more

New Show Just Added to Minno: Making Stuff

Creator deity - Minno

At Minno, we believe that God is the divine Creator of all things. He spoke the earth and everything in it into being and has since blessed human beings, created in His image, with creativity and innovation to make all kinds of things that make life easier, bring enjoyment, and provide lots of fun! Isn’t… Read more

Introducing God Rocks: Parable Playhouse on Minno

Minno - Parable

What is a Parable? A Parable is a story that is used to teach an important lesson. Throughout the Gospels (Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John), Jesus used Parables to teach His followers about the Kingdom of God and how to live God’s way. And now on Minno, you can learn about the Parables Jesus taught… Read more

New Episode of Micah’s Super Vlog: Show and Smell

Comics - Poster

Don’t miss this brand-new, laugh-out-loud episode of Micah’s Super Vlog! Your favorite middle-grade friends are back with another hilarious school-day adventure. Join Micah, Lydia, Armin, and Gabe as they navigate life in the fifth grade while learning lessons about friendship and faith. Watch SHOW and SMELL on Minno now! When show and tell doesn’t turn… Read more