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New Show Just Added to Minno: Making Stuff

Creator deity - Minno

At Minno, we believe that God is the divine Creator of all things. He spoke the earth and everything in it into being and has since blessed human beings, created in His image, with creativity and innovation to make all kinds of things that make life easier, bring enjoyment, and provide lots of fun! Isn’t… Read more

Introducing God Rocks: Parable Playhouse on Minno

Minno - Parable

What is a Parable? A Parable is a story that is used to teach an important lesson. Throughout the Gospels (Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John), Jesus used Parables to teach His followers about the Kingdom of God and how to live God’s way. And now on Minno, you can learn about the Parables Jesus taught… Read more

New Episode of Micah’s Super Vlog: Show and Smell

Comics - Poster

Don’t miss this brand-new, laugh-out-loud episode of Micah’s Super Vlog! Your favorite middle-grade friends are back with another hilarious school-day adventure. Join Micah, Lydia, Armin, and Gabe as they navigate life in the fifth grade while learning lessons about friendship and faith. Watch SHOW and SMELL on Minno now! When show and tell doesn’t turn… Read more

New Yancy Worship Music for Kids on Minno

Yancy - Contemporary worship music

If you’ve been around Minno for a while, and especially if you’ve been joining us for Minno Church at Home, Yancy will be no stranger to you or your kiddos. She’s got an incredible gift for leading kids in worship and now Yancy has added several new formats so that kids of all ages can… Read more

New Preschool Show Just Added to Minno: Louie

Minno - Parent

Art is known in educational circles to greatly benefit the academic and emotional development of children. The practice of art increases fine motor skills and language development while boosting a child’s creativity. This is why Minno is excited to introduce, Louie—a simple show that sparks imagination and invites kids into the process of learning through… Read more

New Show Just Added to Minno: Brewster the Rooster

Minno - VeggieTales

Some studies show that 4-year-olds ask 200 or more questions every single day! That’s a lot of wondering! At Minno, we believe that curiosity and imagination not only contribute to a child’s intellectual development but also to their spiritual growth as they learn to ask questions and wonder about big ideas. Which is why we… Read more

New Show Just Added to Minno: Fruit of the Fitness

Product - Plant

Minno’s brand new original short, Fruit of the Fitness, provides lighthearted laughs for kids and parents alike. At Minno, we are all about providing faith-filled content for families and we also just want to help you laugh together. These adorably tenacious fruits are not only funny, but they are also a great example of how… Read more

New Show Just Added to Minno: Jungle Beat

Cartoon - Sunrise Productions

This week we welcome new animal friends to the Minno family in the beautifully animated show, Jungle Beat. Join Bee, Elephant, Monkey, and more as they overcome obstacles in their wild environments and learn through perseverance to be comfortable right where they are! These adorably tenacious animals are adding lots of laughs to Minno’s Wow… Read more