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Help Your Kids Understand the Meaning of Memorial Day

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What does Memorial Day look like in your home? Like many Americans, it probably looks like kicking off summer with a barbecue, a road trip, or a beach vacation. Memorial Day is the official-unofficial start to summer vacation. But it is also a holiday with important meaning as we honor soldiers who have lost their… Read more

A Hope-Filled Mother’s Day Prayer

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A Mother’s Prayer Written by Katie Blackburn Heavenly Father, How amazing it is to remember that Your plan for motherhood has always been good. Before You spoke the world into motion, before the day was separated from the night and the land distinguished from the ocean, as You breathed life into man, You knew that… Read more

10 Kid-Led Ways to Celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day 

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A lavish bouquet of flowers, brunch reservations, candy, and gift baskets . . . These are typically the things people associate with gift-giving on Mother’s Day. You don’t necessarily need material items to make Mother’s Day special this year. As a mom myself, I can attest to the fact that spending time with my children… Read more

Best Mother’s Day Coloring Pages

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner! As your children prepare to celebrate their mom, grandmother, or other special women in their life, check out the list of wonderful printable Mother’s Day coloring pages below. We pulled some of our favorites from around the Internet just for you! 1. Join the Minno Bible kids to… Read more