Join Us for Good Tidings of Great Joy on Minno Church at Home


You might think it’s a bit early to be talking about the holidays but since it’s 2020 we figure it’s never too soon for good news and great joy! Don’t worry, we won’t get to the Christmas story until the Advent season is officially upon us but in the meantime, Minno Church at Home is sharing weekly episodes that will help your kids focus on Jesus as they anticipate the celebration of His birth.

We know the past few months have been tough—going back to school (or not as the case may be for your family), continuing to deal with pandemic-related struggles, and navigating life in one of the hardest years in our lifetime. Yup, you are probably ready for 2020 to be over.

But not so fast! 

Even in the midst of this hard year (and a polarizing election to boot), we have so much to celebrate! 

This Sunday, November 1, marks the beginning of a new season—sure, it will start off rough with Daylight Savings Time (do we really need an extra hour added to 2020?!)—but once you get through that adjustment (oh, and election day), there’s much to look forward to. 

Veteran’s Day . . . an opportunity to honor those who have served and given their lives for our freedom.

Thanksgiving . . . an opportunity to express our gratitude for the blessings we enjoy and even the hardships that help us grow.

Advent . . . a season of waiting with anticipation and expectant hope for the celebration of the coming of our Savior.

Christmas . . . the arrival of Immanuel . . . God with us . . . our great joy!


We invite your family to join us on a journey toward the manger. Through the next eight weeks of Minno Church at Home we’ll explore these powerful themes:


Download your Good Tidings, Great Joy Family Discussion Guide Pack, and tune in to Minno Church at Home each week as we worship and laugh and learn together.