New Superbook Episodes Available Now!


New episodes of the popular animated show, Superbook released this month! 

Superbook teaches timeless truths and life lessons through the Bible-based adventures of two time-traveling kids and their robot friend. Join Chris, Joy, and Gizmo to relive the greatest stories ever told, every day!

Meet Our Adventurers

Chris Quantum
 – An awesome skateboarder, video gamer, and lead guitarist in a garage band with his Valleyview Middle School buddies, Chris uncovers the secrets of Superbook through a mysterious portal to the past.

Joy Pepper – 
Joy is the next-door neighbor of Chris and his classmate at Valleyview Middle School. She is outgoing and usually a bit more adventurous than Chris. She loves soccer and is great at other sports as well.

Gizmo – 
Gizmo was created by Chris’ dad, Professor Quantum, to protect the kids—but they end up protecting him! He loves upgrades to make himself more useful and would rather stay in the lab than time-travel with Superbook. One of Gizmo’s super cool features is that he can change his appearance as needed!

Superbook is always an exciting journey full of adventure and discovery – with a transformational outcome! Where these animated episodes end, life-changing stories begin.

A Sneak Peek at Some of the 26 Superbook Episodes You Can Watch –
Right Here, Right Now!

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