The Best Kids Worship Videos

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Do your kids love to sing and dance? Minno has a full library of amazing music videos so that they can sing, dance and praise the Lord! Worship songs and videos are a wonderful way to help your kids learn and grow in worship – check out these other tips for cultivating a heart of worship in your kids

The best kids worship videos are now streaming on Minno! Take a look at some of our favorites below, and sign up for your free week of Minno.

The Best Kids Worship Videos

Yancy and Friends

Yancy and Friends features spunky guitarist Yancy as she sings songs that encourage kids to love God and honor him in everything they do. With on-screen lyrics, she invites everyone to sing along!

Yancy and Friends sing a mix of original songs and upbeat, modern takes on classics we all know and love, including “This Little Light of Mine”, “The B-I-B-L-E”, and “Father Abraham.” At 2-3 minutes each, we love that these bite-size videos can be enjoyed at anytime of day – and they’re so catchy you’ll probably put them on repeat!

Hillsong Kids – The Big Word

You and your kids will love Hillsong Kids: The Big Word! Your kids will love dancing and singing along to these upbeat Bible verse music videos – having fun and hiding God’s Word in their heart at the same time.

There are 16 “Big Word” music videos based on Bible verses, each one around 1-3 minutes long – perfect to get going in the morning or release some energy in the afternoon! The catchy songs are sure to be on repeat at your house or on-the-go.

The Rizers

The Rizers music videos are all based on Bible verses. Your kids will love the awesome animation and great beats! These worship videos will be fun for the whole family and a wonderful way for kids to memorize God’s Word. There are 10 music videos from The Rizers now streaming on Minno.

eKidz Worship

The eKidz worship team from Elevation Church created these amazing worship videos. The live audience, upbeat songs and fun dance moves will have your kids dancing and singing along, worshiping God and having fun!