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A Fresh Perspective on Advent

Christmas Day - Advent

Think about five words for a moment: Hope. Peace. Joy. Love. Surrender. “Well, Erick,” you might say, “Aren’t we all experts at surrender right now? It is 2020 after all.” True. We have all surrendered a lot this year. Sometimes, we welcome the opportunity for a change of pace. But most likely, you have dug… Read more

Who is Emmanuel?

Writing - Handwriting

We hear a lot about “Emmanuel” at Christmas, but who is Emmanuel? The word Emmanuel appears 3 times in the Bible – twice in Isaiah and once in Matthew. Emmanuel means “God with us” and is a name for Jesus. The Word “Emmanuel” The word “Emmanuel” comes from the Greek rendering of two Hebrew words,… Read more

What is Advent?

Advent - Christmas Day

Many families are familiar with Advent Christmas countdowns as made popular by adorable daily calendars flooding our Pinterest feeds throughout the fall. But Advent has been observed for centuries, long before treat-filled houses with numbered doors or chocolate and toy companies offered a way for kids to count the days of December in anticipation of… Read more