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Learn About Women of the Bible on Minno Church at Home

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Throughout the month of May, we’ll be highlighting strong women of the Bible in our Minno Church at Home programming. Your family will have the opportunity to learn about Sarah, Rebekah, Deborah, Tabitha, and Mary and Martha—how their stories and their strengths are examples of ways we can share the power and love of God… Read more

Learn the Parables of Jesus on Minno Church at Home

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What is a Parable?  A Parable is a story that is used to teach an important lesson. Throughout the Gospels (Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John), Jesus used Parables to teach His followers about the Kingdom of God and how to live God’s way. For the next two months on Minno Church at Home, we’re going… Read more

Journey through the Old Testament with Minno Church at Home

Minno - Journey Through the Old Testament

A new series of our Free Church at Home resource for families launches this week with the story of Creation. Over the next seven weeks, we’ll journey through the Old Testament, learning about heroes such as Noah, Moses, Joshua, David, and Daniel while covering important topics such as trust, strength, victory, and obedience.  Gather together… Read more