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3 Ways to Observe Passover as a Family

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This year, we want to help you observe Passover as a family, even if you’ve never participated in this sacred tradition before. With a little planning and lots of prayer, you can use this season to help your children understand the heart and history of their faith. Share the significance of the holiday and how… Read more

Easter Resources for Kids and Families

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Celebrate Easter with Minno Get access to 90 minutes of Easter content to help your kids understand the love and sacrifice of Jesus, plus off-screen resources to walk your family through Holy Week with meaningful activities! Check out this special Raising Boys and Girls podcast episode on how to talk to your kids about Easter… Read more

3 Bible Stories to Teach Your Kids about Lent

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Since I began attending my church 3 years ago, I’ve been greatly moved by my pastor’s heart for liturgy and traditionalism in the walk of faith. Having grown up in a Charismatic, evangelical church, I didn’t have first-hand experience with practices such as the observance of Lent or First Communion before now. Last year in… Read more

After Easter: The Way of Forgiveness

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If you asked your kids to repeat what they know about Easter, they might say: “Jesus died for our sins. We ask for His forgiveness. Jesus rose from the dead!”  That is true. And it is a simple, yet incredibly profound series of actions that we do celebrate this weekend.  Christ, the initiator of our… Read more

How to Host a Reverse Easter Egg Hunt

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Looking for ways to spread Easter joy in your neighborhood or with your friends and family this year? While we’re still in an era of social distancing amidst a global pandemic, there are still many fun ways to bring joy this Easter.   A Reverse Easter Egg Hunt may be just the thing your family can… Read more

Learn Our Minno Easter Memory Verse . . . With Motions!

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Our Minno memory verse for this Easter is 1 Peter 1:3 — “Through Jesus, God has given us new life and a hope that lives on.” As Easter approaches, you can use this verse to teach your kids why and how we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter morning.  We’ll break down each part of the… Read more