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Minno Family Summer Games Activity Pack

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The Summer Olympics are back and to celebrate we’ve created the Minno Family Summer Games! We want to help your family take a break from all of the stress that’s come with the season just been through and thoughts about going back-to-school.  Download and print our Minno Family Summer Games Pack to plan your own… Read more

Pool Noodle Bible Memory Verse Activity

Toddler M - Pool noodle

We love teaching kids about the Bible through great shows like What’s In The Bible?, Micah’s Super Vlog, and 60 Second Bible Stories but we also want to help parents and leaders by providing fun activities you can do to help your kids hide God’s Word in their hearts. TEACH KIDS SIMPLE BIBLE MEMORY VERSES WITH THIS FUN… Read more

Fun and Easy Ways to Prank Your Kids On April Fools’ Day

Raising Boys and Girls: The Art of Understanding Their Differences; Member Book - Parent

Welcome, fellow Googlers.  Never do I spend more time scouring the internet for brilliance than I do on the eve of April Fools’ Day. A yearly opportunity to show love to my kids through good natured pranking.  Luckily for you—and for me—the best ideas require no advance planning and usually involve items you already have… Read more

How to Host a Reverse Easter Egg Hunt

Rocky River United Methodist Church - Easter Basket

Looking for ways to spread Easter joy in your neighborhood or with your friends and family this year? While we’re still in an era of social distancing amidst a global pandemic, there are still many fun ways to bring joy this Easter.   A Reverse Easter Egg Hunt may be just the thing your family can… Read more

How to Create Family Fun Nights Around the Rhythm of the Seasons

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The rhythm of the seasons offers families opportunities to connect around special days. Holidays have always been the time to bring families closer together and in addition to our national holidays, there are also some very unusual and unique “holidays” to celebrate with your family! When life is busy, sometimes we need a reminder like… Read more

25 Valentine’s Day Conversation Starters for Your Family

Parenting - Family

These Valentine’s Day conversation starters are a great way to engage kids in discussions about the greatest commandment. When asked by the Pharisees which commandment of the law was most important, Jesus replied: You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. A… Read more

6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Christmas Break

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Que the Christmas Music! It’s almost time for Christmas break! The kids will be out of school, there will be no rigorous schedule to follow and families can finally spend quality, uninterrupted time together. This year has certainly brought along some challenges for many families, so we want to give you some fun ideas of… Read more