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How To Write A Family Mission Statement

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In today’s culture, we’re all about sharing stories. We flock to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to tell our tale through daily photos and to watch the story of others’ lives unfold in our feed. The more we have access to the story of others, the more we wonder about our own. Comparison… Read more

Back to School Routines that Serve the Whole Family

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Confession: I’ve got the back-to-school blues.  With the big day looming in the not-so-distant future, all I can think is:  “Summer’s over already?”  And yeah, I’m feeling all the feels with my little one starting kindergarten. I’ll miss heading out on adventures with him and his older brother. But also? I’m dreading the alarm clock. … Read more

More than Mealtime: 10 Alternative Ways to Connect With Your Kids

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We all know the value of families eating dinner together: a sense of camaraderie develops when we share good food and good conversation with the people we love.   If you’re like me, reminders like this one give you a bit of a guilty conscience. After all, between sports, extracurriculars, church, and work obligations, it can… Read more