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3 Tips for Raising Kind, Resilient Kids

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At the start of school, we gave each of our boys a family picture, an eraser shaped like an ear (an EARaser!), and pencils labeled with our hopes for the year ahead.  For our youngest, on his way to kindergarten where he’ll learn to read and write, a cheeky “Leo the Literate.” And for our… Read more

How to Talk to Your Kids About 9/11

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I recently heard a teenager say she loved attending the 9/11 memorial service in our town because she “loves history”. I almost laughed because Tuesday, September 11, 2001, doesn’t seem like history to me. It seems like yesterday. I wonder if my grandmother, born in 1930 would have laughed if I told her Pearl Harbor… Read more

More than Mealtime: 10 Alternative Ways to Connect With Your Kids

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We all know the value of families eating dinner together: a sense of camaraderie develops when we share good food and good conversation with the people we love.   If you’re like me, reminders like this one give you a bit of a guilty conscience. After all, between sports, extracurriculars, church, and work obligations, it can… Read more

Courage: What to Say to Help Kids Do the Right Thing

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I remember so clearly, as if it was yesterday, those times in middle and high school when I was faced with moments where I had decisions to make. Should I go along with the crowd or stand up for what I knew in my heart was right, even if it meant losing cool points or… Read more

The Right Kind of Hero

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by Katie Blackburn “Mom, can I have my own YouTube channel?” my eight-year-old daughter asked me one afternoon, as casually as if she were asking for a snack. “What?” My eyes grew bigger. “Your own YouTube channel? Sweetheart, no.” “But mom, lots of kids have them,” she responded in protest, going on to recite a… Read more

Let Them Be Bored: How to Help Your Kids Benefit from Boredom

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Every now and then, I reminisce about Trash Can Basketball. Have you played?  My cousin, Brock, made it up one summer when our parents were busy battling it out in an extended-family Canasta tournament and we kids were left to entertain ourselves.  Here’s how it goes:  Find yourself an empty bedroom with an empty trashcan… Read more