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How to Teach Kids to Give (not just get!) at Christmas

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When my daughter first became old enough to understand the gifting part of Christmas, my own reflexes surprised me.  What do you want for Christmas this year? I would ask. Ooooh, is that something you would want for Christmas? Christmas is coming, maybe you’ll get that toy then!  Even as the words started tumbling out… Read more

When Should I Get My Child a Phone?

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The following post is an excerpt from our latest Minno Life Guide, Technology: Raising Digital Natives from child and adolescent counselor, Sissy Goff. Find out more about the guide in the Minno Shop. . . . . . . . . . .  Do you remember getting your first cell phone with a camera? The… Read more

How to Talk to Your Kids About the Election

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Honestly, I really wish I could say, “Just don’t!” I wish I could just tell my kids not to worry about politics until they’re old enough to vote and whistle a happy tune and be on our way. But the fact is that kids will hear all kinds of things from all kinds of people… Read more

A Battle Plan for Letting Go of Parental Control

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“Mom, can I watch IT 2 with my friends?” This was my 10-year-old daughter calling late one night last Summer while at her first sleepover with a bunch of other 10-year-old girls. My wife pulled the iPhone away from her face and looked at me for some quick advice. What should we do? Cue the… Read more

Parenting and Fear: Trusting God with Your Child’s Life

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Failure to succeed. Being left out. Making the team. Bullying. Falling away from faith. And now . . . navigating life and education in the midst of a pandemic. There are so many things we can worry about as parents. And who can blame us? Media messages, articles, not-so-timely posts shared on social media, and… Read more

Honesty: Why Your Kids Might Struggle with Telling the Truth

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Out of my three kids, I have one who lies like it’s nothing. All the time. Even over little things. Me: Did you brush your teeth? Him: Yes. Me: Are you telling me the truth? Him (sheepishly): No. Sometimes, I seriously worry if he will turn into a pathological liar . . . if I… Read more