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What Does the Bible Say About Praying for Our Leaders?

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You’ve probably heard it said before that it is important to pray for our leaders. Maybe you regularly pray for your leaders at church or at home. Do you sometimes feel that praying for our leaders is hard because you don’t see eye to eye with the way they are leading? The truth is …. Read more

How to Talk to Your Kids About Inauguration Day 2021

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Today is Inauguration Day. It’s an understatement to say that it is eclipsed by so much that hinders the celebrations that should come today—regardless of your side of the aisle. Instead of a parade, we have a pandemic that dissipates crowds. Instead of the excited hustle and bustle in Congressional chambers, we are in the… Read more

How to Navigate Tricky Conversations at the Holiday Table

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In years past, we’d probably start an article like this with a joke about how we can always count on that crazy uncle to make holiday conversations a bit more . . . interesting.  But Thanksgiving 2020? Anything can happen.  Per tradition, the fun topics of weight, relationship status, religion, and “When are you gonna… Read more

Gratitude in the Midst of Negativity

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In the middle of what should be a season of thanksgiving, negativity is at a height. It’s no wonder we see antagonistic headlines and social media posts everywhere we turn. Our culture has been largely built on negativity and popular opinion, especially surrounding politics. We have the right to say and post what we think… Read more

How to Talk to Your Kids About the Election

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Honestly, I really wish I could say, “Just don’t!” I wish I could just tell my kids not to worry about politics until they’re old enough to vote and whistle a happy tune and be on our way. But the fact is that kids will hear all kinds of things from all kinds of people… Read more