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New Preschool Show on Minno: Labuntina

Amazon.com - Labuntina Season 1 (Music from the Original TV Series)

Help your little ones learn basic educational building blocks through stories and songs with Labuntina, a beautiful, new preschool show on Minno! Sing along with Lili Fish, Judi Bee, and Kodi Fox and learn about numbers, the alphabet, colors, animals, and much more in the imaginative world of Labuntina! Labutina Series Details Recommended Age: Preschool… Read more

New Preschool Show on Minno: Guitar and Drum

Animated series - Drum

New on Minno, the preschool show, Guitar and Drum follows the adventures of two musical instruments who are also best friends. The series celebrates uniqueness as an essential part of who we are through a wide range of characters. It addresses culture, personal abilities, tastes, and shows how our differences can empower us to build… Read more

The Best Preschool Shows on Minno

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Looking for safe and uplifting shows for your preschooler? Minno has several series that will encourage your little learner while bringing fun stories to life! The Best Preschool Shows on Minno  Bible Shows for Preschoolers + Owlegories What It’s About:  Follow along with a group of student owls as they go on adventures and learn about nature,… Read more

New Show on Minno: Pins and Nettie at Home

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A few months ago we introduced you to the sweetest new preschool show on Minno, Pins and Nettie. Now, these cute little hedgies are back with 13 shorts that will introduce your little one to fun games they can play at home! Pins and Nettie at Home Series Details Pins and Nettie are two little… Read more

If You Like VeggieTales, Try These Shows on Minno

Minno - VeggieTales

Our kiddos may not like to eat their veggies, but they sure do like to watch them! We know VeggieTales is a favorite among Minno families but did you know that one of the reasons Minno is the best place to watch VeggieTales is because of all of the other shows we have that your… Read more

New Preschool Show Just Added to Minno: Louie

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Art is known in educational circles to greatly benefit the academic and emotional development of children. The practice of art increases fine motor skills and language development while boosting a child’s creativity. This is why Minno is excited to introduce, Louie—a simple show that sparks imagination and invites kids into the process of learning through… Read more