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How to Reset Your Family Rhythm After Summer

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As the carefree days of summer wind down, our family looks forward to creating a new family rhythm. It’s a tradition of sorts. One that consists of setting new schedules and boundaries as the children grow and mature. A chance to have some “do-overs” and make new memories. During this annual reset, God always gives… Read more

12 Summer Wind-Down Shows to Watch on Minno

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We are approaching that point in the summer when school feels like a fever dream. It’s been so long since kids were in class and yet in many parts of the country we are still over a month away from getting back into the routine of the school year. In the meantime, parents may be… Read more

How to Create a Minno Summer Playlist for Your Kids

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Looking for laid-back, rainy day, or road trip activities for your family? Here’s how to create a summer playlist for kids on Minno. Summer is here! School is out (or almost!) and while the sunshine, swimming pool, and other adventures await you outdoors, everyone needs a plan for rainy days, quiet time, and those moments… Read more

Minno Family Summer Games Activity Pack

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The Summer Olympics are back and to celebrate we’ve created the Minno Family Summer Games! We want to help your family take a break from all of the stress that’s come with the season just been through and thoughts about going back-to-school.  Download and print our Minno Family Summer Games Pack to plan your own… Read more

How to Talk to Your Kids About Independence Day

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Americans love a reason to celebrate! Is there any other national holiday that is quite as exciting as the 4th of July? Close your eyes and think about the many Independence Days you have celebrated. What comes to mind? Barbecues, sunshine, lemonade, the feeling of grass beneath your feet, horseshoes, pie-eating contests, hot dogs, swimming,… Read more

Let Them Be Bored: How to Help Your Kids Benefit from Boredom

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Every now and then, I reminisce about Trash Can Basketball. Have you played?  My cousin, Brock, made it up one summer when our parents were busy battling it out in an extended-family Canasta tournament and we kids were left to entertain ourselves.  Here’s how it goes:  Find yourself an empty bedroom with an empty trashcan… Read more